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Saphir is a young debutante who decided to start at the Venusia to indulge in her lust for hot sex. She’s really impatient to discover everything you have for her. Wheter it be deepthroating or from behind, she loves it when it gets balls deep !


  • 27 ans
  • Breast B
  • 1m73
  • 62Kg

Languages spoken English, French

Saphir is a beautiful 23 year old Algerian woman waiting for you at the Venusia in Geneva to have a good time. Sapphire is a 1.73m brunette with brown eyes. Pretty woman, she is at the same time refined, delicate, joyful and rebellious. His latex clothes and objects leave no doubt as to his intentions. Sexy and libertine, she will be unrestrained if you arouse desire in her. She is mega hot and debauched, at your service to provide hours of pleasure and eroticism. To end things well, she says yes to being gratified with a good body ejaculation. To live new experiences, choose this exotic woman. Truly without limit, it will be able to respond positively to all your wishes. It has a wide mouth, impeccable to make the softest jig you’ve ever received. She’s here to escort you and give you a very good time. It is warm for intense and unique moments. She’s an expert on pleasure. She takes pleasure in offering attention and getting attention in return. She’ll be the model playmate of your dreams. She’s a specialist in men’s pleasure. Above all, she takes pleasure in bringing you to your sensual desires and providing you with as much touching and delicacy as possible, taking her time to give you a warm massage. Real bitch, she never turns down a man’s craving for a good booty call. She knows how to deal with men. She has a body designed for debauchery and can endure absolutely all the consequences that this would have for men.